New Forest Ponies for Performance

 Fijal Maestro

(Iceberg x Fijal Prelude) 

New Forest ponies are known for their performance capabilites. Most make excellent jumpers, great dressage ponies and they excel at driving.  There is no lower height limit for Foresters and the upper height limit is 148cm  (just a fraction over 14.2) so there is a Forester for every job. New Forest ponies make excellent all round family ponies, or talented competition animals for ambitious riders and drivers. Most New Forest ponies are versatile and are more than willing to turn their 'hoof' to a range of equestrian disciplines.

Our foundation stallion Fijal Maestro demonstrated the Breed's versatility. He enjoyed jumping, cross country and posing in the show ring both in hand and ridden. He was successful in a number of dressage competitions and a Champion WHP, but just as keen to have a play, winning  the 'Handy Shepherding' at the Highland Enthusiasts Show and the 'Handy Pony' at the National Pony Society Summer Championships .... nothing if not versatile. Maestro passed the NFPB&CS Stallion Performance Test and was a Native Pony Performance Champion.     

Above: Fijal Maestro winning the Ridden Stallion Championship at the New Forest Breed Show in 1998. A typical New Forest pony and true all round performer who loved life.

Maestro's daughter Highfox Forever many times Champion Working Hunter Pony and Champion Ridden is also herself a Performance Champion and is performance graded. She pased the NFPB&CS showjumping performance tests, Grades 1 and  2 in October 2004. She was also the top ridden and utility (performance) NFPB&CS Elite New Forest pony of 2004, continuing her family's performance tradition.

    Highfox Forever 


(Fijal Maestro x Rainy Day Girl)

Forever is pictured above on her way to winning the M&M Working Hunter pony Championship at the Royal Lancashire Show in 2004.

Other successful Highfox performers include: Highfox Hosanna Champion Ridden, winner dressage, showjumping, broken to harness and placed in private driving (see Miss Versatility); Highfox Figaro winner under saddle; the small 12.2 (128cm) mare Highfox Love Song Champion ridden

Highfox Soloist Champion Ridden, Champion In - Hand, Champion WHP, winner dressage, showjumping and Supreme Performance Champion (see Pony Blog 2013, 2014)

Highfox Soloist

(Fijal Maestro x Rainy Day Girl)

Our 12 hand (122 cm) mare Kingsbury Love Affair II was broken to ride and drive and was a patent safety pony on and off the lead rein. At the other extreme the big 14.2 mare (148cm) Fijal Polka successfully contested ridden classes when based at Highfox, but also played polo and hunted (carrying a man) in a previous life, before commencing broodmare duties.

Fijal Gemstone

Fijal Gemstone won a number of ridden classes and stood Champion under saddle when based at Highfox. Later she was a successful dressage pony and went on to win the Junior Section of the Ringwood Brewery NFPB&CS Performance Awards in 2001, when sold to Jo Jack. Together they were also Reserve National Junior Side Saddle Champions.  

Highfox Finale

(Fijal Maestro x Kingsbury Love Affair II)

Highfox Finale proves the point that New Forest ponies do not have to be big to perform. She is one of our smaller ponies, but will carry an adult with ease. She is a successful lead rein and first ridden pony,winner of dressage, M&M and SHP classes; takes part in PC activities and jumps for fun. She was placed in the NFPB&CS Ringwood Brewery Pony Performance Competition in 2008, the first year her jockey had competed off the lead rein, and placed 6th overall and winner of the Lomonside Owner Bred Trophy in 2009.  She won the NNFPSG Junior Championship (with her jockey aged only six) in 2006, again in 2007 and in 2009 - also winning a strong Ridden Section.           

 Highfox Hermione

(Wanstead Tarquin Moon x Highfox Finale)

Highfox Finale's daughter Highfox Hermione has now started her performance career, winning two showjumping classes at her first attempt and jumping clear at the NPS Champs 2010, round two testing WHP courses at her very first attempt.....with a jockey that started jumping at the same time the pony did....performance and temperament! Hermione NFPBCS Performance competition 2010 Champion Owner Bred and 2011 Champion WHP; Junior Champion and WHP Champion 2012.  Performance Graded Showjumping Grades 1 and 2, 2012; recently broken to drive.

Furzley Charaide by the Champion performance tested stallion Luckington Sportaide, stands only 138cm (13.2), but like his siblings here and on the continent, is a true all round performer.  With his new owners  Charaide  embarked upon a very successful dressage career. He passed three grades of showjumping at the NFPB&CS Performance Grading in 2008.   He headed the NFPB&CS Elite New Forest Pony Scheme overall for 2008, based on performance ability (like Forever in 2004) In July 2009 he won the Knightwood Challenge Showjumping Competition at the New Forest and Hampshire County Show and wenton to win the National Native Pony Breeds WHP title at the NPS Summer Championships. Charaide is now owned and produced by Cath Harrison.

Samsons Spy comes from a long line of performance ponies that have successfully competed in ridden classes, dressage, have been driven, taken part in point to points and hunted. He has made an excellent start to his own competition career (see Pony Blog 2014-2015.

Finally Highfox Faith has started her performance career with a real bang! See 2015 Pony Blog; a real performance pony in the making!

If you are looking for a performance pony, why not consider a Forester?  Versatile, fun and they come in all sizes.  When it comes to performance there is little doubt that:

       'New Forest Ponies do it ..... ..... Best!'